Cassie Claire is a Harry Potter BNF turned pro author. She became infamous for plagiarism, grifting off her f-list, and bullying people. Some comprehensive background links:

 The Cassie Claire Primer (Fandom Wank's Greatest Hits community on JournalFen, Oct. 14, 2004)

 Her two young adult urban fantasy series are The Mortal Instruments  and The Infernal Devices . The film rights for the The Mortal Instruments series were optioned in 2009 .

As one of fandom's biggest wank magnets, Claire comes up on FFA from time to time. In April 2013, Gentlefailers discussed at great length the Mortal Instruments movie trailer . Far down in that thread, one nonny linked to this blogger , who claims that Claire's lawyers "are trying to remove any Internet sites which mention her fanfic plagiarism." Not long after, there was another long thread on Cassandra Clare's Gigantic Tourbus .

 After reading The Cassandra Claire Plagiarism Debacle (currently only accessible through the Wayback Machine ), a nonny was curious exactly how big/powerful CC was and asked for points of comparison . Meme obliged as best it could, though it was fairly unanimously agreed that no one since has been as influential or widely known.