Cursive can get fucked
In April 2012, FFA once again showed the curious hordes that gentlefailers can wank about debate the virtues of just about anything. Naturally, talking about cursive writing soon led to countrywank.

"Oh, please. Nobody learns cursive anymore." (Source)

"No one in America today learns joined up writing? Wat? Is this real?" (Source)

"The more meme teaches me about the US, the more confused I am." (Source)

"Are people seriously saying here that handwriting is an obsolete skill?? Like shorthand or something? /boggles" (Source)

And the clincher:

Learning Print --> Learning Cursive --> Learning Typing --> Learning T9 
Emo Poetry --> Unsent Love Letters --> Sent Love Letters --> Cease and Desist Orders
Grocery Lists --> Letters to Santa --> Letters to God --> Tentacle Porn --> Meaningful Erotica --> Literary Fiction --> Grocery Lists

Meme again discussed cursive writingin November 2012.